Undergraduate and graduate students participate in all aspects of research, restoration, and monitoring efforts at Younger Lagoon Natural Reserve.  An important part of determining appropriate and effective restoration strategies and targets is to implement a variety of approaches and evaluate the efficacy.  The reports in this section are a compilation of projects completed over the past several years.  If you would like more information about a particular study please contact us, we would be happy to provide background and context.



Reed. 2013.  A field seeding trial for native coastal prairie species at Younger Lagoon.

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Grassland Restoration

Adams.  2012.  Effectiveness of applied nucleation and dense planting to restore California coastal grassland.

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Historical Ecology

Hunt.  2009.  A narrative history of Younger Lagoon.


Scrub Restoration

Gordon.  2012.  Enriching coastal scrub habitat through nurse plant facilitation.

Whitaker.  2010.  Using scrub facilitation to improve coastal scrub restoration.


Water Quality

Crebbin-Coates.  2012.  Pesticide and nutrient runoff associated with rain events at Younger Lagoon, Santa Cruz, CA.