Working under the Campus Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the UC Natural Reserve System Office (NRS) delegates day-to-day management of its reserves to the campuses. The UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves manages four active NRS reserves and the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve that is not a part of the NRS. The purpose of these reserves is to preserve natural systems for teaching, research and public service.Younger Lagoon Reserve is available for guided public tours through the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Access to YLR for University and K-12 research and class projects can be obtained by submitting a Reserve Use Application to the reserve director
Mail comments and inquiries to:

Gage Dayton
Reserve Director
Elizabeth Howard
Reserve Manager
UCSC Natural Reserves
c/o Environmental Studies
University of California
Santa Cruz , CA 95064
tel. (831) 459-4971
fax (831) 459-4015