Information for Bicyclists on the CNR

The UCSC Campus Reserve was created to provide UC students and faculty with an area to conduct outdoor teaching, research, and study. The sections of the reserve were chosen for their unique flora, fauna, and geological features that would be valuable foracademic research and because of delicate habitat or rare species that need to be protected from damage or loss.

Bick Path

Many excellent bike trails exist on campus lands adjacent to the Campus Natural Reserve. Use of these trails, such as the Oakes trail shown above, is encouraged. Riding bicycles in the reserve, on the trails or elsewhere, is prohibited

Several sections of the reserve are especially sensitive to human impacts because of high erosion. Many research projects are also currently under way all over the reserve and high human impact in these areas could negatively affect the results of the projects (e.g. trampling of flora, disturbance of animals being studied, or destruction of nesting or breeding habitat). For these reasons, such areas are restricted to walking only and signs are posted to inform bicyclists and equestrians of these restrictions.


The interpretive trail shown above is one of several trails in the CNR which is limited to pedestrian use only. Please respect the delicate habitat of these areas.

All human use and activities have the potential to cause damage to the reserve. However, since the original mission of the reserve is to provide a resource for research, some human impact is necessary. Use restrictions on the reserve limit activity to that most necessary to fulfill the reserve objectives. Foot travel is allowed in all areas because it is required for the purposes of teaching, research, restoration, and nature interpretation, all of which are included in the mission of the reserve.


This illegal bicycle trail, located in the Seven Springs area of the reserve, has caused major destruction of habitat, erosion, and shows a major lack of respect for the mission of the CNR.

Bicyclists who wish to use restricted areas for their designated purposes are welcome to park bikes and walk in. Many excellent trails do exist on the Campus for bicycle and equestrian recreation–see TAPS map for details (to download Adobe Acrobat Reader click on logo below). UCSC encourages the public and student body to use these beautiful trails. It is also asked that the use restrictions placed on areas not suitable for high impact use be respected.


The above photo shows the common problem of the expansion of existing bicycle roads. Biking is allowed on the fire road (left). However, expansion trails (right) cause much erosion and harm to habitat. Please stay on designated bike trails!

For more information contact the Campus Police at (831) 459-2231Bicyclists: see MBSOSC Newsletter for more info