Upper Moore Creek

The numerous old-growth redwood stumps in this area remind us of the logging boom. 80-100 years have passed since the redwoods on the CNR were harvested, but areas such as Upper Moore Creek are covered by the redwood canopy of the second-growth forest.

Plant Communities

  • Riparian redwood-bay forest

Deer study

If you walk along the trail which leads between the creek slopes in this area, you will see several enclosures or fenced plots to study the effects of deer grazing on the understory vegetation. The plots were started as a senior thesis project. Biology department professor Ingrid Parker is currently using these plots in her plant ecology class. These plots have proven a crucial asset to the biology department as we now have a data set that permits us to analyze trends over the years.

Ingid Parker works with her plant ecology class. She says, “The CNR is an irreplaceable teaching tool and, as a professor, I am extremely lucky to have it at my disposal.”