Students monitor and study the success of the breeding grounds frog heaven provides the red-legged frog.

Plant Communities

  • Redwood/bay riparian forest
  • Coastal grasslands

Frog Heaven

This collection of ponds, which form during the winter rains, provide a crucial breeding ground for the red-legged frog. In response to the detrimental effects of human impacts on this area, current restoration includes weed control, replanting and upkeep of native vegetation, building check-dams to protect water flow, and man-made ponds, built as a Senior Thesis project. Ample sunlight in this area has resulted in a greater species diversity by supporting sun-loving plants such as Douglas”s nightshade.

Native Plant Garden

Primarily a project of the UCSC Arboretum, this garden was designed by former reserve steward Gray Hayes. The plant communities of the Central California coastal region including that of Santa Cruz Island are represented.

A memorial bench honoring Ken Norris, creator of the Campus Natural Reserve located in the garden give us a place to rest and reflect upon our surroundings.