Sean McStay, Steward at Fort Ord Natural Reserve


Sean joined the UCSC Natural Reserves in 2003 conducting rare plant surveys at the Fort Ord Natural Reserve and working in the UCSC GIS lab building spatial databases for the UCSC reserves.  Over the years, Sean has worked as a reserve steward for the Ft. Ord Natural Reserve, the UCSC Campus Reserve, Younger Lagoon Reserve, and the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve.

Sean is currently the reserve steward of the Ft. Ord Natural Reserve and is responsible for natural resource management, research coordination and reserve operations/maintenance.  Sean’s interests include: biogeography, GIS, botany, plant ecology, rare species conservation, invasive species, ecological restoration, and environmental policy.

Prior to joining the UCSC Natural Reserves, Sean worked with environmental consulting firms and as a property manager in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  He received his bachelor’s degree in biology and environmental studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2003.  When he’s not working Sean enjoys live music, traveling, hiking, botanizing, backpacking, snowboarding, and pretty much any activity that allows him to spend time outdoors.