I became the Administrative Director of the UCSC of California Natural Reserves and a lecturer in 2008. In this capacity I oversee the five Natural Reserves affiliated with the campus (Big Creek, Ano Nuevo Island Reserve, Younger Lagoon Reserve, and the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve). In addition to overseeing the reserves I teach upper division field courses in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies departments.

I received my undergraduate degree from Humboldt State University and my Ph.D. from Texas A&M and consider myself an ecologist broadly interested in the factors that regulate species persistence and community structure.  I place great importance on a thorough understanding of natural history, the conservation and restoration of natural habitats, and experiential learning. Overseeing the reserves, teaching undergraduates, and supporting research and education in our “outdoor classrooms” and “living laboratories” is truly a rewarding and fulfilling career for me.