Dusky-footed Woodrat

Dusky-Footed Woodrat (Neotoma fuscipes)

Family: Cricetidae
Genus Species: Neotoma fuscipes
Common Name: Dusky-Footed Woodrat

The Dusky-Footed Woodrat is a large rat that has a length of 7⅗-9 inches, a tail length of 6⅘-8⅔ inches, and weighs 227-390 g. Its body is grayish above and grayish to whitish below. The tail may also be slightly paler below than above. Its hind feet are sprinkled on top with dusky hairs. For a more detailed overview of this species see 〔eNature〕.

Habitat Associations and Natural History
This woodrat can be found in heavy chaparral, along streamside thickets, and in mixed or deciduous forests. It bears 1-4 young once a year and has a gestation period of 33 days. Its range spans from Western Oregon to California. It feeds on a variety of seeds, nuts, acorns, fruits, green vegetation, and fungi; it stores its food in houses made of large sticks, which are found near nests in trees or on ground. It is very territorial and shows ownership of its house. Usually die within 4 years in the wild.

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