Redwood Camp

Redwood Camp: redwood countertops, brick grill, and picnic tables for food preparation, sink and drying racks for cleanup, food locker, fire pit and benches, latrine, potable water, creek side and redwood grove campsites. Capacity of 30 people with 12 tent sites. Parking for five cars. All gear must be carried over a bridge from the road.

Highlands Camp

Highlands Camp: countertop, picnic table, sink, food locker, fire pit, and benches, latrine. Dispersed camp sites in manzanita/madrone habitat. Capacity of 20 with 8 tent sites. Parking for five cars, two directly adjacent to camp.

Terrace Camp

Terrace Camp: fully functional yurt with electricity, internet, hot water, space heater, four beds, outdoor shower, and outdoor kitchen with refrigerator. Capacity of 8 people with 4 tent sites. All gear must be carried over a bridge from the road.

Research Cabin

Whale Point Researcher Cabin: fully functional cabin with kitchen, indoor flush toilet, laundry, and outdoor shower. Capacity of 10 people inside the cabin (3 bedrooms with 4 beds plus loft space for sleeping pads).


Library: single room, common-use indoor area (450 sq.ft.) with table, chairs, desks, kitchen, library, files, maps, and teaching collections.